A great Place

Ideas Well Done, based in beautiful Burlington Vermont, is the final iteration of a business started in 1997 to design, develop, manufacture and sell innovative commercial cooking equipment. The company grew and eventually sold the six-model Stellar Steam product line in 2005 and a heated merchandiser line in 2007, thus eliminating the manufacturing and sales functions in order to focus on product development.  

Ideas Well Done has filled a void in food service thanks to our practical industry knowledge coupled with manufacturing experience.


Our business model provides the flexibility to be responsive to our clients, allows frequent stretching of creative muscles, and helps us to instill a culture of rapid product iteration so we can focus on the best possible direction.

Our CORE Team

Steve Bogner


Rebecca Satterwhite
Electrical Engineer

Scott Warren
Electrical Engineer


Ryan HenneBarrows
Mechanical Engineer

Harrison Goldberg
Mechanical Engineer

Max Menken
Mechanical Engineer


Julie Allen