What We Do

Our goal is to create innovative solutions that give our clients distinguishing features that offer both functional and marketing advantages, bringing increased value to the product.


  • We work with clients to produce a solution – and the first step is to determine the problem
  • Accumulated food service industry knowledge
  • Innovation through research, prototyping & testing


  • Embedded Firmware
  • Client PC Software
  • PCB Design/Validation/Test
  • Schematic Capture
  • Solid Modeling
  • Design For Manufacturing  
  • Machine shop Rapid Prototyping


  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Multi-Unit Chains
  • Companies looking to add products or update existing products
  • Startups looking for product realization
  • You


We work with our clients to produce a solution.  The first step is to determine the problem.


Product definition, ideation and concepts through prototype, testing and commercialization

  • A successful project involves a developed process that broadens the range of options through industry knowledge, creativity, engineering talent, prototyping, testing and refinement.
  • Our independence allows us to bring a fresh perspective to a project.  We are not bound by a "we've always done it that way" mentality. 
  • We have been through agency approvals with new products and product upgrades.  We strive to meet or exceed the requirements of UL and NSF standards.  

With our in house shop and controls design along with a network of outside resources, we can create proof of concept prototypes and iterate rapidly saving money during every step of the design process. 


Electrical capabilities include:

  • Part sourcing
  • Schematic and PCB layout design
    • Eagle, KiCad or Altium
  • Touchscreen user interfaces / GUIs
  • Manufacturing packages
  • BOM documentation
  • Prototype assembly and testing
  • Wiring schematic / Harness documentation
  • Embedded firmware development and testing
  • PC Test and Control software development

Mechanical capabilities include:

  • Product and system design and creation
  • 3D CAD design in SolidWorks or SolidEdge
    • Sheet metal packages
    • Machined parts / molds
    • Mechanical assemblies
  • Rapid iterative prototyping
    • 3D printing using Ultimaker II Extended
    • Extensive prototyping shop
      • Machining
      • Sheet metal / welding
  • BOM procurement
  • Prototype assembly and testing



Our clients are often intertwined- chains with manufacturers and manufacturers with chains.

A manufacturer may not have the resources to develop a product for a multi-unit client.  We work with both to provide a solution for the client that meshes with the manufacturer's capabilities.

Traditionally our clients have been in the commercial foodservice industry.  Appliance manufacturers looking to enhance or expand their product offerings, or food chains looking to create a specific tool to optimize a food product or process.  

We have also done work outside of foodservice, bridging into residential and medical projects.

We work on projects big and small.  If you have a problem, we have a solution.