Equipment Manufacturer

When resources are short, but you still need to launch new products.


Maybe you don't have a team who can focus exclusively on New Product Development. Projects take to long because engineers get pulled off to fight fires in manufacturing. We don't get bogged down by day-to-day operations. We can focus 100% on your project.

A Fresh Set of Eyes

Would a fresh perspective help solve one of your NPD challenges?

You have an existing product, but are having issues in the field. You'd like a third part to investigate.

Grow Your Team

Perhaps you have a New Product Development team but the new ideas backlog is too big, or they are having trouble pushing a product over the finish line. We're the extra capacity you need!

We specialize in the development of automated and robotic equipment.

Ideas Well Done uses an iterative process to develop new solutions. We start all new projects with a discovery phase. This is a quick and dirty phase that allows us to immerse ourselves in your problem. Then we produce potential solutions, their costs, and timelines.

Once the concept has been proven, our Mechanical, Electrical, and Software engineers will work through solutions to any problem. We will use 3-D modeling, custom circuit design, and embedded software to develop everything from the simplest solutions to full automation and robotics.

Our in-house capabilities include metal fabrication, circuit board development, assembly, and testing. The engineers who design, also assemble the prototypes. This allows for very quick development cycles.